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Cockroach Control in Toronto

Toronto cockroach control
Cockroach. The very word can make the average person’s skin crawl, but these insects have populated the planet worldwide for over 320 million years (meaning that today’s cockroaches had ancestors living at the time of the dinosaurs) and it’s not likely that they’re going anywhere anytime soon. These insects are some of the most durable and resilient creatures anywhere, surviving Arctic cold and tropical heat. They can go a month without food and almost an hour without breath, surviving in dry desert landscapes and adapting to aquatic locations.
The most common type of cockroach (there are over 4600 different species but only 4 of which human beings would normally term a pest insect) and the one most often found if you’re living in the Toronto area, is the German cockroach. Although in general the cockroach can vary in color from brown to black to red, the German variety is light brown or tan in color and usually a half inch in length.

Cockroaches life cycle

Cockroach Life Cycle
A cockroach will start its life cycle as an egg with a casing that gives it great resistance to both predator and the environment, including inclement weather. The female German cockroach carries around the eggs until shortly before they hatch, at which time she’ll find a suitable spot for the nymph to safely hatch. A nymph will moult several times (usually a half dozen) in the span of about 100 days, at which time it becomes an adult cockroach. German cockroach nymphs are wingless, and tend to be darker in colour than the fully grown adult.

Where cockroaches hide

Although an adult German cockroach has wings, it will only rarely fly, instead nimbly hustling its way into dark corners and crevices during the daytime, and waiting until dark to find food. Toronto homes and restaurants can unknowingly play host to these insects as they most like to live where their food supply is unlimited and conveniently located. They also like to be close to damp, warm conditions, which are helpfully supplied by restaurant kitchens and by our own kitchens and bathrooms. They will also live outside during the nice seasons, preferring to house themselves in rotting logs, stacks of wood or even leaf litter on the ground. It’s commonly thought that only a dirty residence will offer opportunity for the insects, but this isn’t the case. As long as they can find sufficient hiding spots during daylight, and enough food and water with a warm environment to stave off the chill, a cockroach will enjoy even the most scrupulously clean home and business. You may play host to cockroaches without even being aware due to their ability to stay hidden during daytime hours and only come out at night.cockroach pest control
If you’ve discovered an infestation, the best and most effective response is to call in the pest control professionals. Expert exterminators in the Toronto area are experienced at not only locating, but eliminating this pest from your residence or business location, and will do so quickly and efficiently to provide you and yours with a pest free environment.

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