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Squirrels ca be a nuisance to have in the yard:  eating trees and plants, getting into bird feeders, chewing on roofs and getting into homes if they can find an opening , and they also carry ticks that can cause Lyme disease. Squirrels nest in trees, building nets of their own or taking over abandoned bird nests.

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Pricing Plan

Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels and Possum

Exclusion and One-Way Door Installations

Price:                  $ 349

First Visit:           Includes assessment, installation of one way door and covering of access points.

Second Visit:      Removal of door and installation of screening to hole.
(may not match home style  / color)


Live Trapping and Relocation

Price:  $349 for the first animal, $75 for each additional animal, includes re-location within 1KM.

Customers call as soon as they see a trapped animal and will sign a waiver that they’ll check every day.


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