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There is an increase in skunk removal Toronto calls and at FCPC Control, we respect all wild animals including skunks. We have developed advanced skunk removal techniques to get the animals away from your property as quickly as possible, while avoiding smelly incidents. We focus all our skunk removal methods on humane principles, and our skunk removal services are no exception. Every skunk control service job in Toronto, ON includes a comprehensive inspection of your property, removal of the animal and sealing the entry hole with heavy gauge screening. This humane skunk removal technique has been proven to be the most effective removal method and approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Skunks in Toronto don’t always burrow a hole, sometimes they wonder in to a backyard or fall in window wells by accident and get trapped. In such cases a one way door method can not be used to remove the nuisance skunk. Trapping becomes the only option. There are a lot of rules and regulations on trapping and removal of wild animals. For example a trapped skunk can not be relocated more than 1 km. This is why the one way door system and sealing entry points makes sense. For a free consultation call our office or fill out our Contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Pricing Plan

Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels and Possum

Exclusion and One-Way Door Installations

Price:                  $ 349

First Visit:           Includes assessment, installation of one way door and covering of access points.

Second Visit:      Removal of door and installation of screening to hole.
(may not match home style  / color)


Live Trapping and Relocation

Price:  $349 for the first animal, $75 for each additional animal, includes re-location within 1KM.

Customers call as soon as they see a trapped animal and will sign a waiver that they’ll check every day.


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