Pest Control Myths

Ask around for advice on help to deal with pests that are plaguing you and your home and you’ll get a variety of answers. How do you know which ones are worth your time and which ones will leave you frustrated? Here are some commonly held beliefs that won’t get you...

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Where do pest go during winter time?

You see them during the nicer months scurrying around and sometimes creating problems that take some time and energy to deal with, but have you considered what happens to pests during the cold winter months?  Some pests are active in every season of the year, and...

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How to spot a potential pest infestation

It’s a nightmare that we all hope to avoid; the realization that we’re sharing our home unwillingly with more than family members. Maybe you’re not even sure what, exactly, has made an invasion? Here are some clues that you’re playing host to some unwanted guests;...

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