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Bed Bugs Toronto

Toronto bed bugs
Living in Toronto? Everything you need to know about bed bugs
If you get the creepy crawlies when someone mentions the words bed bug, you’re not alone. These resilient and pesky creatures have wreaked havoc for centuries, but how much do you actually know about them? There are a number of misconceptions floating around. Here is some interesting information you might not be aware of.
Bed bugs are tiny little insects that can squeeze themselves into the smallest crevices, making them very hard to find. You’re more likely to notice the signs of an invasion before you’ll see them scrambling about. A bed bug is about the width of a credit card until it feeds, at which point it becomes bloated with blood.
Toronto bed bug
These pesky critters can enter your house on mattresses or furniture, so beware of that super kijiji deal on a living room sectional. They can also make their appearance by getting into your luggage and making the trek from your holiday to your home without you being the wiser. Unless you’re on the lookout for telltale signs and do a thorough inspection of both hotel rooms you stay at and items that you’re thinking about buying, there won’t be any big warnings that a bed bug family is about to move in.
bed bugs markBed bugs do feed on human blood, but they don’t transfer disease, so although their presence will cause you to itch and feel squeamish, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get sick. The welts that bed bugs leave can cause you some grief, and it’s a good idea to try to keep from scratching, and rub in an anti-itch cream or lotion. Another misconception is that a bed bug infestation must mean your home is dirty…not true. Bed bugs will certainly infest a dirty home, but they’re not especially picky when it comes to your housekeeping. Clean homes are just as susceptible to having a bed bug take up residence.
They make their homes anywhere that there’s a food source nearby; your mattress, headboard, box spring, or couches and chairs are the most likely places. You won’t see them on the walls, and they don’t make nests, although they will form groups and hide together during the day when you’re up and about.
Bed bugs start their lives as an egg and shed their skin as they grow. It can take about a month before a bed bug reaches full maturity, but they’ll start to feed on blood as soon as they hatch. You may first notice an infestation by locating shed skin, which appear as small, almost translucent black or brown bits. You may also notice small marks of blood on your bed, or even the tiny creatures themselves, especially if they’re unlucky enough to get squished under your body if you roll around in your sleep.
bed bugs lifecycle
If you’re living in the Toronto area and suspect or have evidence of a bed bug infestation, give us a call. Our professional staff will ensure that the problem is taken care of so you can get back to a good nights rest.

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